About Us

Wuzup Radio Ltd
About Us
Wuzup Radio UK  is an online  radio station established January 2012. We seek to stimulate, entertain and educate our audience, to reflect the diversity of the local and world community as a whole, and to provide a channel for individuals, groups, talents that have been overlooked and bring to the fore issues suppressed or under-represented by other media.  Our staff  are committed to the vision of the radio station and collaborate with each other.Our staff , comprised of local DJs, writers, Teacher ,Accountant and others intellectuals who care about the world freedom and social justice, and are very dedicated to giving our audience a politically progressive point of view, with a special emphasis on topics of local concern and issues affecting the Ghana community. As an online  radio station, we concentrate on airing voices and viewpoints that are now almost totally excluded from the airwaves; these include local/Nationalissues affecting Ghanaian community in the United Kingdom and Ghana. We broadcast call-in talk shows,music, news and children’s programming. Our shows are produced locally by our staff and volunteers.

·The mission of Wuzup Radio Ltd is to provide a community-based, commercial radio service for the people living in the areas covered by the station’s signal;
·to broadcast suppressed and overlooked music, social and political issues not covered by other media, affecting local and the world community;
· to broadcast programs designed to serve the needs of those not currently served by other broadcast media;
· to be a voice of many voices offering a wide variety of people an opportunity to share their experiences, concerns, and perspectives on issues affecting them over the Wuzup Radio airwaves.

Management Structure